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In 2004, Flavio Girolami and Parthian Poopat, the founders of Common Projects, released their first sneaker, no one could’ve known what a smash hit it would become. The Achilles, a minimalist rendition of the adidas Stan Smith in premium leather, changed the luxury sneaker market. Prior to Common Projects, luxury sneakers were primarily seen as gaudy and tasteless. With shoes like the Achilles and Bball, Common Projects changed that perception in the minds of many. On top of setting the new standard for luxury sneakers, Common Projects delivered a new fan favorite crepe-sole Chelsea boot just as the trend took off in the 2010s.

Where are Common Projects made?
All Common Projects shoes are made in the Marche region of Italy.

Why are Common Projects so expensive?
Common Projects are made with expensive leather at a prestigious Italian factory. The process of creating and shipping the shoes costs more than your average athletic sneaker and thus, the retail price is higher.

What do Common Projects numbers mean?
The numbers on the heel of a pair of Common Projects shoes represent the article number, size and color.

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