Brain Dead Men's Glasses

Brain Dead Men's Glasses


Brain Dead was founded in 2014 by Ed Davis and Kyle Ng. The two were working with other brands (Rat Brain and Farm Tactics, respectively) when they began working together. A unique detail about Brain Dead is that the two work with each other almost completely online as Ng lives in the United States and Davis lives in Australia. It didn’t take long before the brand became known for its strong selection of graphic T-shirts. While Brain Dead’s mainline pieces have garnered a lot of attention, the brand’s collaborations with Converse and The North Face have also been the subject of fanfare.

Who started Brain Dead?
Brain Dead was founded by Ed Davis and Kyle Ng.

Where can I buy Brain Dead?
Brain Dead is available at a variety of retailers and Grailed.

Where is Brain Dead from?
Brain Dead was created online and thus has no country of origin. It is most commonly associated with Los Angeles, thanks to co-founder Kyle Ng.

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