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In 1894, John Barbour founded J. Barbour & Sons as an importer of oilcloth. The company quickly gained notoriety by becoming the one to perfect the process of waxing cotton. Soon enough, Barbour & Sons were supplying the material for coats from a variety of brands and launched its own in-house brand Barbour’s Beacon in 1908. While sales were already increasing from the in-house brand amongst fisherman, Barbour established itself as the quintessential jacket company for motorcyclists as well. Barbour became known worldwide during World War II as the brand supplied jackets and uniforms to the British military. Today, Barbour jackets are considered classic menswear pieces and the brand has kept its name relevant with collaborations with Supreme and Engineered Garments.

Is Barbour a luxury brand?
No, Barbour is not a luxury brand. If anything, Barbour is closer to a workwear brand—with roots in prep style.

Are Barbour jackets still made in England?
Some Barbour products are made in England.

Can Barbour jackets be washed?
Barbour suggests sponge washing its jackets.

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