AWGE made its first impression in May 2015, when the collective took over A$AP Rocky’s Instagram with a large amount of posts intended to be viewed as a series of collages. Although the nonstop posts lead to Rocky losing over 100,000 followers, it did a good job of making Rocky’s fans aware of AWGE. Although the creative agency has a hand in the design and photography around the A$AP Mob, the best tangible example of the group’s work is the collaborative capsule with Needles. As the Mob are longtime endorsers of Needles' track pants, AWGE collaborating with the brand made perfect sense.

What does AWGE stand for?
A$AP Rocky has made it a point to never reveal what AWGE stands for.

Who is part of AWGE?
While many of its members' identities are a secret, two AWGE members have been identified as Robert Gallardo and Kimi Selfridge.

Who created AWGE?
AWGE was founded by A$AP Rocky.

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