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Avirex Ltd. is an American military apparel brand founded in 1975 by air show pilot Jeff Clyman. Clyman's obsession with vintage fighter jets and military style led him to trade and sell his personal collection of vintage aviator-style jackets. After demand rose, Clyman started Avirex, recreating military fashion based on original period jackets like the B-3 shearling jacket, A-2, G-1 and A-3 bombers. After early successes in the military streetwear market, Avirex became a popular brand in hip-hop fashion, largely thanks to the group The Diplomats, who became associated with the oversized leather jackets. While Avirex jackets and coats are still its most popular items, resulting in a nostalgic collaboration with Palace in 2023, the brand also makes jeans, graphic tees and accessories.

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