After over a decade as a designer for Hitman (Nino Ceruti’s men’s-focused line), Italian designer Giorgio Armani founded Emporio Armani (often simply referred to as Armani) in 1975. Armani had a tremendous impact on menswear and womenswear in the 1980s, particularly in suiting. By the 1990s, Armani had multiple diffusion lines and the brand had achieved global popularity. While many may think of formalwear when they hear the name Armani, the brand also made jeans, T-shirts and jackets.

What is the difference between Armani and Armani Exchange?
Armani Exchange is a more casual line aimed at a younger audience than Emporio Armani.

Is Armani a luxury brand?
Yes, Armani is a luxury brand.

Is Armani made in China?
Some Armani pieces are made in China.

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