Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries


Alpha Industries was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1959. Initially, the brand was formed as a contractor for the United States military, supplying clothing during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Alpha Industries first job was creating N-3B parkas for the Air Force. The jacket's fur lined hood and warm interlining was a hit and brought the company the opportunity to make more items for the military. In 1963, Alpha Industries introduced two of its most popular styles: the MA-1 jacket and N-2B jacket. Commonly known as a “flight jacket” or a “bomber jacket”, the MA-1 was designed for Air Force fighter pilots. The jackets were originally army green on the outside and bright orange on the inside so that if a pilot crash landed or was in distress, he could flip his jacket inside out and be easily noticeable from far away. In 1965, Alpha Industries created the M-65 jacket for the Army. The jacket was such a success, the U.S. government contracted Alpha Industries to continue to produce the jacket for them for the next 25 years. After an extremely successful decade, Alpha Industries entered the commercial market in 1970. For the past 50 years, Alpha Industries has supplied the world with timeless designs and warm jackets suitable for service people and civilians alike.

Where are Alpha Industries jackets made?
Alpha Industries jackets are currently made in China.

Can I wash an Alpha Industries jacket?
Alpha Industries jackets have recommended care instructions on each jacket.

Can bomber jackets be worn in the winter?
Yes, bomber jackets can be worn in the winter.

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