AllSaints is a London-based fashion retailer that was founded by Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor. The two fashion students met at a trade show in Paris and bonded over their common interest in fashion and music. After getting married in 1994, the newlyweds created AllSaints in an attempt to create a label that reflected their taste. From the beginning, the clothes were dark and reflective of the classic rock music they loved. Leather jackets and knit sweaters have been a part of the brand from its inception and remain at the forefront of each collection. The first AllSaints store opened in 1997 and since then, the brand has opened over 200 locations worldwide. Over the years, AllSaints vision hasn’t wavered at all, as fans of the classic rock aesthetic flock to the brand year after year.

Who founded AllSaints?
AllSaints was founded by Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor.

When was AllSaints founded?
AllSaints was founded in 1994.

Who owns AllSaints?
AllSaints is owned by Lion Capital LLP.

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