Our Diversity Manifesto

At Grailed we feel that building a diverse and inclusive team is key to our success. Since working towards diversity and inclusion can sometimes feel ephemeral we created this document to detail how we define diversity, why it is important to us, and what concrete steps we are taking to build it into our workplace.

What is Diversity at Grailed?

Diversity means representing individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and life experiences on our teams. Different life experiences create a variety of perspectives and we believe the best products are a result of many perspectives coming together. This is especially true for Grailed as a company in the apparel and style space. One of our biggest strengths as a platform is the diversity of styles we are able to serve which is only made possible by the diversity of our community. In order to serve that diverse community we build our teams from people of different genders, races, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, abilities, economic classes, past work experiences, educational experiences, and more.

Why is Diversity Important to Grailed?

There are numerous benefits to diversity:
  • In order to build for our community, our team needs to represent our community. Just as there is a wide variety of styles, the Grailed community is made up of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. In order to serve them, our platform needs to be built by people from those backgrounds.
  • Diverse teams perform better. Integrating different viewpoints allows us to benefit from multiple perspectives to create a stronger, well rounded whole. There are many types of excellence and we are committed to identifying and learning from each of them at Grailed.
  • Diverse teams create a better work environment. Open mindedness and expanding horizons are hallmarks of a rewarding workplace. Building diversity precipitates those qualities and allows us to create the type of work environment we want to be a part of.

How is Grailed Committed to Diversity?

In order to put our ideals into practice we have enacted the following:
  • A commitment to equal pay: When we review compensation twice a year our process includes checks and balances for ensuring we pay equally across different identity groups.
  • Accommodation of flexible schedules: We do what we can to support team members and provide short or long term flexibility in regards to work hours. People are at their best when they feel able to fulfill both their work and home commitments.
  • Employee trainings: We regularly (at a minimum, annually) conduct unconscious bias and interview trainings to enable our team to support our diversity commitment. These trainings are often eye opening and essential to both diversity and inclusion.
  • Hiring practices to minimize bias: We structure our interview process to remove bias and ensure that underrepresented backgrounds are considered for every role.

As we scale we will be adding to these steps to ensure we are appropriately supporting our team.


We believe our work is never done. If you have thoughts or suggestions after reading this, please email diversity@grailed.com to start a conversation!