When you think about it, the Air Jordan line was really one of the first successful and extended collaborations in the sneaker world. It wasn’t the first–Stan Smith, Clyde Frazier and others are proof of that–but it has proven over the last four decades to be the most important and influential. Michael Jordan, a man whose name is so synonymous with success it’s used as an adjective, remains well… the “Michael Jordan of sneaker collaboration.”

Over the past decade or so, it’s become not just commonplace to collaborate with other artists or brands, but other personalities within the wider sneaker culture. Jordan Brand has jumped into the fray with open arms, collaborating with everyone from social media influencers, to billion dollar corporations to rappers. This approach hasn’t diminished the line in any way; instead, certain collaborations have given forgotten silhouettes another run in the marketplace and fresh minds have reimagined these iconic sneakers in ways we never thought possible decades ago. Some of the collaborations listed below have opened new pockets of fans to the greatest sneaker line in history, whether you like it or not.

Getting the chance to design your own Air Jordan has to be one of the highest honors for any brand. And over the years, the most iconic sneaker line of all time has had its fair share of excellent collaborations. Here are the Top 10 Best Jordan Collaborations of All Time.

We’re sure that, with a topic as contentious as this, there’ll be plenty to agree and disagree with. Let us know your Jordan “Top 10” in the comments below.

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