Blazers may never again reach the same level of popularity they enjoyed decades ago, but it’s impossible to deny that they remain one of the cornerstones of men’s wardrobes. They’re pretty much required attire for any formal event. Beyond that, though, the blazer has been largely sidelined, as remote work becomes more common and companies eschew the corporate culture that called for them, in favor of a more casual approach and matching look.

In the last year, though, there’s been a subtle change, as the streetwear and athleisure movements waned ever so slightly: Men are wearing blazers casually—if you can call it that—more and more. The enthusiasm for prepwear and tailoring was already bubbling below the surface before COVID struck, omnipresent at January 2020’s fashion weeks. As stay-at-home orders came into effect, athleisure—or “soft clothes,” if you will—became the de facto wardrobe. But, after a year of fleece and casual clothes, there’s a genuine desire to embrace things we didn’t know we missed wearing. Like blazers.

The blazers that people are wearing—and want to wear—are likely different from what you envision. We’re not talking about full suits, but rather, more casual sport coats—often with soft shoulders rather than the hard, angular ones found in [Savile Row tailoring](, for example. With modern blazers, there’s something for everyone, from the avant-garde to the classical prep to the workwear-inspired to the playful.

The choice is yours.

Best Blazers
1. Brooks Brothers Madison Fit Classic 1818 Blazer
2. Tom Ford O’Connor Blazer
3. Polo Ralph Lauren RL67 Sport Coat
4. Rick Owens Knife Blazer
5. Thom Browne Classic 4-Bar Sport Coat
6. Dior Oblique Blazer
7. Saint Laurent Paris Le Smoking Wool Blazer
8. Uniqlo U Tailored Jacket
9. Barena Knit Blazer
10. Engineered Garments Lawrence Jacket
11. Homme Plissé Issey Miyake Pleated Blazer
12. Paul Smith Double-Breasted Blazer

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