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Cary Grant's "North By Northwest" Suit Is the Greatest in Film History

There are few universally held opinions in fashion or in film, but the claim that Cary ...

By Brenden Gallagher January 28, 2019 7 Comments
Master Class
Suiting with Southern Hospitality: A Conversation with Sid Mashburn

If you want to buy a suit on a tight budget, you've got a staggering number of options,...

By Andrew Craig August 21, 2018 9 Comments
Know Your Clothes: What is Ringspun Cotton?

For a yarn so ubiquitous in clothes-making, the fabric specificities of your standard c...

By Andrew Craig June 13, 2018 5 Comments
Defining Japanese Tailoring: A Few of our Favorite Labels

It's a familiar cycle in Japan: See an international trend, adopt and analyze and fine-...

By Andrew Craig June 06, 2018 9 Comments
Street Style
In Medias Res: David Coggins

"In Medias Res" is a column in which photographer Chris Fenimore links up with some of ...

By Christopher Fenimore May 15, 2018 11 Comments
A Tale of Two Affairs: Comparing the Fashion of The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) to The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

When [lists of the most stylish films of all time](

By Brenden Gallagher April 10, 2018 3 Comments
Master Class
The Finest Wool in the World: The Legacy of Loro Piana

Amongst every luxury commodity, certain brands grow into veritable behemoths following ...

By Marc Richardson April 02, 2018 8 Comments
A Beginner's Guide to Brogues

One of the suiting world's great ironies is how the brogue, now considered to be some o...

By Andrew Craig March 23, 2018 13 Comments
Master Class
A Temple of Tailoring: The Timeless Elegance of Brioni

If you've ever seen [*La Dolce Vita*](, you know [...

By Andrew Craig March 12, 2018 5 Comments
A Closer Look: The Armoury NYC

If you live in NYC and want a suit, you go to The Armoury. Is it expensive? Certainly, ...

By Christopher Fenimore March 06, 2018 14 Comments
A Brief Beginner's Guide to Alden

It’s tempting to align national character with the clothing and shoes made in a particu...

By Pete Anderson February 12, 2018 5 Comments
Little Bursts of Joy: In Conversation with Massimo Alba at His Milan Showroom

“The real secret to fashion’s wonders can be found in a sort of collective memory, with...

By Christopher Fenimore February 09, 2018 2 Comments
Master Class
A Legacy of Thread: The Unrivaled Ermenegildo Zegna

While, these days, Italian fashion mogul Brunello Cucinelli is considered by many as no...

By Jacob Victorine January 17, 2018 5 Comments
Master Class
America's Suit Maker: A History of Brooks Brothers

In the spring of 1818, a small store opened in Lower Manhattan, and an all-American bra...

By Brenden Gallagher January 12, 2018 9 Comments
5 Tailoring Brands That Won't Make You Look Like a "Suit"

At its worst, tailoring makes you look like a suit—a conformist salarymen afraid of sta...

By Grant Tillery December 27, 2017 13 Comments
A Short Introduction to Italian, American and British Tailoring

A suit can be one of the most subtly complex items in the menswear playbook. The templa...

By Andrew Craig December 08, 2017 15 Comments