There's a saying in Italy: Vedi Napoli e poi muori. "See Naples and die."

The idea is that the city is so beautiful and fulfilling that once you've seen it, your life is complete. Settled on the coastline of Southern Italy, Naples has a bay full of pastel-hued buildings dotting its shores and azure blue water lapping in from the Mediterranean. As a city, its history stretches back to the second millennium BC. Herman Melville said of the city, "no equipages flash like these; no beauties so haughty. No cavaliers so proud, no palaces so sumptuous.”

These days, though, its reputation may appear mixed; Naples is often criticized for its high crime rates, significant street pollution, run-down buildings and a general “rough-around-the-edges” feel. Sartorially-minded tourists are more likely to go to Florence—home of the Pitti Uomo festival—or Milan, one of the world's most significant capitals for clothing. But hopping a direct flight to either of those cities might have menswear fans missing out on one of Italy's most prominent contributions to the fashion world: the soft and rakish allure of Neapolitan tailoring. While the playing field in Naples is crowded with tailoring houses that are revered as some of the best in the world, one name usually rings louder than any other: Kiton.

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