For the most heralded classic menswear brands in the world, heritage is a home run. When you can boast century-plus commitment to your craft, you work does the talking for you. Italy is rightfully the home to many of menswear’s greatest operations and among them is Isaia.

Founded initially in 1920, Isaia is one of many classical tailoring companies that call Naples home. In its original form, it was not a label as we think of it now, but a family business that began as a fabric store for the city’s best tailors, founded by Enrico Isaia. Enrico, of course, was a tailor himself who—according to current CEO and great grandson Gianluca—learned the art of tailoring from Cesare Attolini, the son of Vincenzo Attolini, the renown Italian tailor who created the famous neapolitan suit jacket (more on that later).

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