In the hierarchy of style inspirations, “author” is pretty low on the list. The rumpled look of an ink-stained wretch doesn’t necessarily invite visions of the runway or a high-end boutique. But, there have been some authors who have broken past the page and into the popular imagination. Perhaps no author has impacted fashion as deeply as Ernest Hemingway. Despite being decades removed from his death, the author remains one of the most influential figures in men’s style.

In his work, Hemingway pioneered a vision of modern masculinity. In The Sun Also Rises he chronicled bullfighting. For Whom the Bell Tolls follows the exploits of a guerilla fighter during the Spanish Civil War. Green Hills of Africa recounts his time on African safari. The Old Man and the Sea, follows the exploits of a Cuban fisherman struggling against a giant marlin. His characters were “men’s men,” brooding under the Herculean weight of their particular destinies. His prose fit his subject matter to a tee; his writing is legendarily terse and muscular (something parodied to great effect in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris). In Hemingway, generations of men have found that model of stoic manhood: requiring few words and a shot of whiskey in exchange for a glimpse into their emotional depth.

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