While we already spoke about a number of loafers when we broke down our favorite men’s dress shoes, considering current trends, it was clear the category could use some fleshing out. With the resurgence of prep and “grown-up” streetwear a full-fledged trend, a shoe that was once considered as "the casual end of formalwear" is suddenly central to a man's daily wardrobe. Where a Gucci loafer was once a special occasion shoe reserved for weddings and the boardroom, today it and its cohorts are—and should be—worn with light wash denim, straight leg trousers, tailored sweats and... well, basically anything else.

How we came to this point is a bit of a quandary, though Supreme and its various off-shoots, competitors and cohorts are certainly part of the equation. Though the Gucci loafer has always been popular (Alessandro Michele notwithstanding) the fact that brands from Palace to Noah and even Alyx have all made the most humble of dress shoes a core part of each’s respective seasonal offering is a sign that a trend has blossomed. While we’re not writing off sneakers anytime soon, the loafer's proliferation (in streetwear or otherwise) is undeniable. With men dressing up as a knock-on effect, consider us here for this new shift in men's style. Here are the best loafers to buy right now.

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