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While sneakers are great, inevitably there comes an occasion where your favorite Jordan’s don’t cut it. We all eventually go to weddings, attend job interviews or have a dressed up date, and need a reliable pair of dress shoes. While hard bottom oxfords are classic, they can seem little too dressed up—especially if you're on the hunt for some leather footwear that's flexible for a variety of both formal and casual scenarios. Rather than buy some tired oxfords or garish brogues, we recommend opting for a pair of classic loafers. When it comes to the slip-on style, no one does it better than Gucci.

Adored by everyone from boardroom execs to stylish grandpas since 1953, the classic clasp hardware—or “horsebit”–is internationally recognized as a mark of style and taste. Other designers may imitate the metal hardware, but those in the know understand that Gucci's leather versions set the standard. Whether it’s your new boss or significant other, a Gucci loafer is guaranteed to impress.

While the classic horsebit loafer retails for $800 and up, thankfully there are plenty on Grailed for less than $400. Trust us, that’s money well spent.

More About Gucci and the horsebit loafer:
Initially introduced by founder Guccio Gucci in 1953, the horsebit loafer—a reference to the founder’s fascination with polo and horse riding culture—has been a house staple for over 60 years. While the shoe has undergone multiple permutations as Gucci transformed from leather goods manufacturer to international fashion house, the loafer was predominantly the same until current creative director Alessandro Michele took over creative control in 2015. Despite being a consistent top-seller and considered sacred to both businessmen and fashion folk alike, Michele reengineered to loafer from the ground up, producing an entirely new silhouette: the “Jordaan” loafer. An instant success, the relaxed “Jordaan” became the “it” shoe of 2017, and reinvigorated interest in loafers across the industry. As interest piqued, Gucci began reintroducing classic shapes, including its original 1953 horsebit loafer.

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