It’s almost impossible to pigeonhole Aimé Leon Dore. The New York-based brand, founded and helmed by Teddy Santis, might be described as a heritage brand, given the nostalgia for the ‘90s that infuses so many of the brand’s designs; or perhaps it’s a streetwear brand; what about a haute streetwear brand; or a casual menswear line? The thing is, Aimé Leon Dore has been and is, at any given moment, all of these things, depending on which pieces you’re looking at.

Every so often, there are brands that tap into the zeitgeist so perfectly—so naturally—that they come to be deeply intertwined with that moment in time, or that specific aesthetic. Think A.P.C. circa 2012, or Supreme, circa 2017-2018. With Aimé Leon Dore, there’s a feeling that what the brand is tapping into might be less fleeting—that it might instead come to typify a new breed of luxury. And, if that’s easy to imagine, then it’s equally difficult to imagine a menswear landscape in which Aimé Leon Dore doesn’t have a place. Thanks to the myriad influences and aesthetics that Santis and his team have tapped into, Aimé has the potential to be trend-proof; the ability to enjoy the sort of evergreen relevance that is the stuff of legend.

Amidst all of that, it can be easy to forget that Aimé Leon Dore has only been around for five years. But in a half decade, it’s enjoyed success—and wielded influence—that belies the nascent stages in which it finds itself.

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