Anti Social Social Club has been an enigma since its explosion onto the streetwear scene in early 2015. Celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Korean boy band BTS have been spotted wearing its designs, generating a tidal wave of hype that propelled Anti Social Social Club into the forefront of streetwear. But the brand was never intended to exist on the scale it does today. Rather, the project was conceived as the manifestation of a mood board, reflecting the fluctuating emotions of its elusive creator. Regardless of the initial intent, the sheer mania Anti Social Social Club induced from the beginning made maintaining the mood board spirit difficult. Despite a slew of controversies surrounding contempt for its customer base, Anti Social Social Club remains a fixture in the streetwear universe. Many know Anti Social Social Club for it’s distorted Friz Quadrata Bold logotype, pastel-colored garments, and shock product drops, but where did this brand come from, and who is it’s mysterious founder, Neek Lurk?

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