Who is Rick Owens?

Rick Owens is an American-born designer living in Paris, known for his abstract, yet approachable avant-garde designs. Born Richard Saturnino Owens, he began his label in California in 1994 and now oversees a veritable fashion empire from a five-story compound in Paris. If there's one characteristic that has defined his life, it has been Owens' fierce independence. His eccentric brutalist approach is evident in his fashion, his furniture and even his personal life.

After decades in business, the important thing about Rick Owens fans is that, more often than not: if they’re devoted, they don’t just own a single piece, but an entire wardrobe of his designs. Much like Owens’ own commitment to his unique aesthetic and silhouette, his now-global group of supporters are brand loyal and—more importantly—embody and spread Owens' luxurious gothic grunge lifestyle worldwide (and trust us, it’s a lifestyle).

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