More Than is an ongoing series for those looking to move past cult brands and onto elevated and refined alternatives. Whether you are simply exploring or are already a devoted fan, each brand below—while tangentially related—allows the wearer to expand his or her repertoire while simultaneously standing out from the crowd.

Ever since 1985, when Michael Jordan hit the court in the first-ever pair of Jordan 1s, Jordans have been more than simply sneakers. Both inexorably tied and arguably greater than the athlete himself, Jordans were at the heart of the sneaker boom, a central figure in the advent of the resell landscape and the proliferation of sneaker culture as a whole. More than three decades later, however, that influence is starting to wane. An ever increasing number of retros and stiff competition from adidas—not to mention cannibalizing sales from owner Nike itself—means that each new silhouette is greeted with less enthusiasm than the last. Though the flagship models—the 1, III, IV, V, VI and XI—remain undisputed, Jordan-mania is beginning to fade. For those who lament the days when these sneakers were both coveted yet still accessible, or simply have grown weary of a saturated market, there’s still hope. Over the past decade, a number of designers have introduced models that–either aesthetically or emotionally—manage to capture that elusive Jordan spirit. For those looking to expand their closet beyond Jordans, or simply mix up the rotation, below is a selection of the best high-fashion alternatives.

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