”Project Upgrade” is a recurring franchise for those just starting their style journey. Each entry introduces three dependable, stylish—and above all, attainable—brands perfect for building your wardrobe, all at a prices well below retail. If you have been itching to update your wardrobe but unsure which direction to go in, look no further

Thankfully, over the past few years societal dress codes have become increasingly lax. Where once a blazer and trousers were required, now a great hoodie and jeans will suffice. That said, you can’t just throw on some Kirkland Signature and head into the office. When it comes to elevated essentials, it's all about fabric, fit and appearing deceptively elegant. Even if you threw together an outfit in a matter of minutes, no one has to know—and if you dress right, they won’t. Below, we present three labels that offer all day comfort while still maintaining a modicum of formality—at prices you can only find on Grailed.