Formerly a counter culture in fashion that relished in existing as an outlier of the fashion spectrum, streetwear today is ironically mainstream and more “safe” than it ever was. Now, amidst an exponentially evolving landscape infiltrated by multi-million dollar investments, streetwear has decidedly lost most of its edge.

Taking up the mantle as the next iteration on streetwear’s “against the grain” roots, Los Angeles native Zac Clark’s Fuckthepopulation (FTP) is blazing a trail back to streetwear’s early heyday, unafraid and indifferent to who he pisses off along the way. “Just do whatever you want,” said Clark in his 2015 No Jumper interview. “I make whatever the fuck I want to make, I don’t care who’s feelings might get hurt tomorrow or the next day. I’ll make whatever or say whatever the fuck I want.”

It’s interesting to see how Clark’s FTP has managed to blend the controversial roots of brands like Fuct with the mainstream appeal of California streetwear labels like Huf and Undefeated, becoming a modern streetwear success story (without losing any of its edge).

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