Over the past 30 years, skateboarding has transformed from a rebellious, niche subculture to one of the most dominant cultural touchstones in the world. What started as a small group of rebellious youth in California now spans the entire globe, and is the basis for an entire generation’s attitude, music taste and, most notably, style. A critical component of '90s fashion, first generation skaters wore everything from army surplus cargos to gargantuan skate shoes (we see you DC) and even OG 1985 Air Jordan 1s.

Mixing athletic, leisure, vintage and surplus in a clever, comfortable way inspired not only the youth but high-fashion and footwear designers alike. Today, images of Mark Gonzales, Heith Kirchart, Dylan Rieder and countless others are sprawled across moodboards and dictate future collections and products.

Given skating’s outsize influence on menswear and clothing in general, it only makes sense that over the last decade an increasing number of traditional skateboard brands have found themselves in a unique position. Traditionally serving a loyal, tight-knit clientele, the genre’s surge in popularity has led consumers who, historically, would never visit a skate shop to suddenly lust after graphic tees.

No doubt riding off the success of Supreme, brands like Palace, Dime, Fucking Awesome and others decided that rather than simply produce boards, hoodies and graphic tees, they could capitalize on both loyal and newfound clientele by moving into ready-to-wear collections. The result is a mix of local skate scenes, historic references and current trends. Today’s preeminent skate brands are more than simply for skateboarders—but for anyone even tangentially related to skate culture at large.

Offering full wardrobes actively designed for an active lifestyle, the result is some of the most exciting menswear out right now. So, whether you are actively hitting the park or just want to move beyond poser territory, these are the best skateboard brands available right now.

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