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By Grailed Team February 21, 2019
Staff Picks
“Hide” and Seek: Yohji, Rick, Margiela and CdG Leather Jackets Under $500

A good leather jacket is a must in any man’s wardrobe. A *great* leather jacket is an i...

By Grailed Team November 25, 2018
Master Class
Before Yohji, Rei or Issey: Kansai Yamamoto's Lost Legacy

Kansai Yamamoto isn't exactly a household name when discussing Japanese fashion. Rather...

By Gunner Park March 16, 2018 22 Comments
Master Class
Walking Backwards Into the Future: Analyzing 15 Years of Y-3

In 2003 Yohji Yamamoto and adidas began Y-3, a collaboration that, when surveying fashi...

By Angelo Spagnolo February 19, 2018 24 Comments
A Story in 3 Parts: A Study of Takeshi Kitano’s Cinematic Style

Known for sudden bursts of violent action, a muted color palette and lingering static s...

By Tristen Harwood December 21, 2017 18 Comments
A Selection of Stylish Anime and Their Most Fashionable Figures

Any attempt to illustrate the cultural, let alone style, impact of anime is a massive u...

By Asaf Rotman November 02, 2017 139 Comments
Required Reading: 8 More Essential Fashion Books

Despite the vast supply of fashion content online, there’s still something special abou...

By Rocky Li September 26, 2017 25 Comments
Out of the Shadows: A Brief Look at Avant-Garde Experimentations with Color

Artisanal and avant-garde labels don’t appeal to mainstream tastes. Plain and simple. I...

By Jake Silbert September 25, 2017 18 Comments
At the Starting Gates of the Racing Trend

The past few seasons have witnessed a surge of motorcycle racing-inspired fashion: Alyx...

By Leslie Zhang May 04, 2017 17 Comments
Master Class
Lights, Camera, Action: 10 Iconic Menswear Collections Inspired by Film

At their most basic level, both filmmaking and fashion rely on visuals to tell a story,...

By Rocky Li April 17, 2017 31 Comments
Master Class
Japan's Proving Ground: Bunka Fashion College's Hall of Fame

The influence of [Bunka Fashion College]( on Japan's fash...

By Gunner Park April 12, 2017 24 Comments
Master Class
The 10 Greatest Parkas of All Time

Cold weather and extreme conditions can be difficult to dress for, but that doesn’t mea...

By Rocky Li February 01, 2017 28 Comments
Master Class
The 10 Most Iconic Designer Sneakers of All Time

The athletic footwear market has grown by leaps and bounds, bringing in 17.2 billion do...

By Rocky Li January 12, 2017 99 Comments
Street Style
In Medias Res: Justin Dean

"In Medias Res" is a new column in which photographer Chris Fenimore links up with some...

By Grailed Team October 04, 2016 4 Comments
Master Class
Master Class: Yohji Yamamoto

Batman's origin story is subject to retcons over the years in order to keep the charact...

By Jian De Leon May 03, 2016 5 Comments