Batman's origin story is subject to retcons over the years in order to keep the character relatively young. But the nuts and bolts are always the same: One night, after a movie (usually depicted as a Zorro film), Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife, Martha, are gunned down by a mugger during a robbery gone awry. Their son, Bruce Wayne, copes with this personal tragedy by dedicating his life to pushing himself to intellectual and physical perfection, ensuring that crime will never happen again in his beloved Gotham City.

Yohji Yamamoto is driven by a similar personal tragedy. Born in Tokyo's Shinjuku Prefecture in 1943, his father, Fumio, was drafted to fight against the Allies in World War II. Though the specific details are unclear, his death notification said he died fighting in the mountainous Philippine region of Baguio. In the aftermath, Yamamoto's mother, Fumi, attended Japan's prestigious Bunka Fashion College, whose graduates include Junya Watanabe, Jun Takahashi and Nigo, and became a dressmaker.