Whether you’re a full-on fashion nerd or just starting out on your personal style journey, it’s necessary that you get familiar with Raf Simons’ seminal Fall/Winter 2003 collection, “Closer”. Noteworthy for the collection’s fishtail parkas, the decade-defining garments feature hand-painted images of album artwork by legendary graphic designer, Peter Saville, including New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies (1983) and Technique (1989), along with Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures (1979). The title of the show, “Closer”, is borrowed from Joy Division’s album of the same name—after the death of Ian Curtis (Joy Division’s lead singer) the band went on to become New Order—the show’s title exemplifies the impact music can have on fashion. Simons’ collection embodies this thesis.

It may seem too abstract (or archival) when looking exclusively at Simons’ fan-favorite Fall/Winter 2003 collection, but New Order and Saville’s iconic album artworks have had a poignant influence across the style spectrum, inflecting the designs of other major labels including Undercover and Supreme.

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