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Author: Tristen Harwood

French Revolution: How Three French Films Use Clothing as Counterculture

French filmmaking has significantly influenced contemporary cinema, providing a trove o...

By Tristen Harwood January 22, 2019 12 Comments
Body Art and Clothing: The Intersection Between Tattoos and Fashion

As forms of adornment, clothing and tattoos each boast an illustrious history. Dating b...

By Tristen Harwood January 07, 2019 7 Comments
Three Collaborations That Display Fashion’s Relationship with Running Technology

In *What I Talk About When I Talk About Running*, celebrated novelist and distance runn...

By Tristen Harwood January 03, 2019 7 Comments
What Our Love Affair With Archival Fashion Means For The Industry

Fashion objects perish along with the memory of their creation. Commercial fashion arch...

By Tristen Harwood July 18, 2018 17 Comments
Fashion and the Evolving Vision of of Workwear

Workwear has a enduring history and influence in clothing design and style. From its in...

By Tristen Harwood June 04, 2018 10 Comments
Volkova, Mann, Rizzo and Ward: A Brief Introduction to Four Seminal Stylists

Stylists are more than just cultural-gatekeepers adjudicating on what is and isn’t cool...

By Tristen Harwood March 09, 2018 8 Comments
A Story in 3 Parts: A Study of Takeshi Kitano’s Cinematic Style

Known for sudden bursts of violent action, a muted color palette and lingering static s...

By Tristen Harwood December 21, 2017 18 Comments