In 1985, when sneakerhead culture as we know it was in its most primitive stages, the original Air Jordan I retailed for just $64.99. Now nearly 35 years later, when the latest Jordan I retro version is released—regardless of colorway or upgraded technology—it retails for at least $160. Those same $64.99 originals from 1985 in good condition on a Grailed listing? They now go for well over $1,000. An exclusive Jordan I collaboration from your favorite sneaker boutique? Forget about it.

The sneaker marketplace has shot into the stratosphere over the ensuing decades since the original Jordan I released. With sneakers being released in extremely limited quantities, especially in collaborations from popular brands or celebrities, there is no telling how high the price on an exclusive pair of kicks can go. The demand is there like never before and the quantities being produced have become smaller and smaller. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a few pairs from this list when they dropped, you might be able to buy yourself a car or pay off your student loans.

Of course, there's several "one-of-one" sneakers that have sold on secondhand markets or at auction for exorbitant prices, but as the terminology implies, those unique sneakers ascend sheer price-based rarity or tight production runs. As far as current resale prices are concerned, these are the most expensive sneakers that you can buy on the resale market today.

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