Now, before we get into this, let us be clear: we respect the individual and highly personal style of each and every one of our users. It’s your own interest in menswear and the larger fashion world that keeps our site ticking day in and day out. That said, we do know that for every Ricked-out and Rafed-up member of our community, there’s a guy who’s looking for a little style guidance. Don’t worry, we see you (and no, we won’t tell).

With summer upon us, it’s time to get your warm weather wardrobe together. We understand that summer in NYC is different than, say, summer in Houston, but there are a few standard pieces that you should be stocking your wardrobe with regardless of where you’re spending the warmer months. Take this advice as a general guide on what to look for, the brands to buy and the general items that no summer wardrobe would be complete without. For a few starting points and suggestions from our team, take a look at the listings below each section.

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