Ever since Teruyoshi Hayashida’s seminal book Take Ivy hit shelves in 1965, collegiate style has been a strong voice in—not just Japanese men’s style—but the global menswear conversation. While “Ivy Style” itself is a more focused aesthetic built around the upper class prepsters studying at some of the United States’ most prestigious universities, the overall “classic collegiate” look isn’t confined to those securing a degree at Ivy League institutions.

A combination of school-branded sportswear, traditional casual suiting and the simple practicality of a busy student’s wardrobe, collegiate style is simultaneously traditional and timeless. From tailored trousers, to college club team tees, the university aesthetic has been a goldmine for nearly every designer—whether that’s Ralph Lauren’s time-tested takes on Americana, or the tongue-in-cheek gear from Kanye West’s College Dropout days. In film you'd find the movement in places like the stuffy prep school that's the setting for Dead Poet's Society, or in the rebellious Max Fischer in Wes Anderson's Rushmore. For TV, an easy example could found among the ruthless Upper East Siders of Gossip Girl, and music's Vampire Weekend managed to hybrid the look in a way that applies to the 21st century hipster. there's practically no way that you can escape the ripple effect of this signature style.

While the concept of collegiate and “Ivy Style” has certainly shifted since the heyday of “Ametora,” Kensuke Ishizu and VAN Jacket, it’s still a goldmine of sartorial inspiration—whether you’re heading back to school this fall, or simply deciding where you’re going to store your diploma. While it's not as exhaustive as the set of encyclopedias you received as a graduation present, scope our scholarly selection of college-inspired gear and Ivy League-level prep—you can sort out how you’ll pay off your textbooks once you get back to campus.

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