What makes denim really interesting is that, as fabrics and materials go, it’s one of the few that’s practically alive. Think about it… No other material evolves through continuous wear quite like denim. It takes a unique character that belongs to you, and you only. And whether you prescribe to the more rugged and raw denim—opting for the likes of vintage Levi’s, Edwin or the works of the Osaka 5—or find yourself being more akin to the fashion-forward kind—from the likes of Louis Vuitton x Supreme, Balmain and Fear of God — the common thread between these two pillars is that you still need to know how to care for denim.

No matter how luxe your closet is, you need to wash your jeans and you need to look after them. Why? Well, every time you wear your jeans they easily absorb the dirt, oil and grime which you come across each day. This amalgamation of muck becomes embedded in the fibers and breaks them down. Inevitably, you’ll be on the wrong end of a blowout and in need of repairs (and that’s just one example).

So, how do you wash jeans?

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