In an industrial strip of Vancouver sits a relatively nondescript grey building that is home to CYC Design Corporation. While most people have never heard of CYC, they may very well be familiar with Wings + Horns and Reigning Champ, the two labels that exist under the CYC Design Corp banner. While Wings + Horns and Reigning Champ have become industry-leaders—whether that industry is fleece, minimalist menswear or casual wear—CYC’s story is about much more than its two labels. In fact, neither would exist if not for CYC’s less glamorous roots; roots which go back further than 2004, the year that Wings + Horns was launched. Understanding CYC Design Corp’s history is central to understanding how both Wings + Horns and Reigning Champ were founded and how quietly influential the Vancouver-based manufacturer has been over the past two decades.

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