While Chicago may not have the reputation of New York or Los Angeles as a US fashion destination, the Windy City (named for its blowhard politicians, not its blustery weather) has increasingly become an international culture factory over the past 15 to 20 years. As the birthplace or current home of some of today’s most significant artists, from Kanye West and Chance the Rapper to Kerry James Marshall, Chicago is steadily gaining recognition as a relevant place for art, music, design, and yes, fashion. Although it’s still common to see a bearded twenty-something trudging through snow in a flannel shirt, work boots and raw denim (in part due to brutal, often six-month-long winters), it’s just as likely these days to run into a skateboarder rocking Rick Owens Dunks or eye your local barista wearing a Kapital polo while he pulls your shot of espresso. And, while Chicago may not yet have a fully definable style, the city has more than enough boutiques to help its citizens figure it out, including some, such as Wicker Park’s Gallery Aesthete and the West Loop’s Notre, that we’ve already featured. Below, we take a look at five more of Chicago’s best stores that show the wide range of style the city has to offer.

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All photography by Lyndon French