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Needles Taps A$AP Rocky's AWGE for Tracksuit Capsule

A$AP Rocky teases collaboration between Needles and AWGE. Scope the lookbook here.

By Anteneh Gebre March 09, 2018 4 Comments
The Enduring Appeal of the Tracksuit

Like many items in sportswear, the tracksuit has superseded its’ athletic origins and e...

By Rocky Li August 18, 2017 7 Comments
Master Class
Untangling the Roots of Nepenthes' Family Tree

Everyone familiar with modern menswear knows Engineered Garments. The New York label’s ...

By Jake Silbert April 24, 2017 12 Comments
Needles' Bohemian Take on the '70s

Needles designer Keizo Shimizu returns for Fall/Winter 2017 with a collection rooted in...

By Nico Lazaro March 07, 2017 7 Comments
The Drop
The Drop: November 2, 2016

Welcome to The Drop, a shoppable feature from Grailed. Once a week we'll be randomly op...

By Grailed Team November 02, 2016 4 Comments
Street Style
In Medias Res: Adrian Carter

"In Medias Res" is a new column in which photographer Chris Fenimore links up with some...

By Grailed Team October 19, 2016 3 Comments
The Drop
The Drop: October 6, 2016

Welcome to The Drop, a new shoppable feature from Grailed. Once a week we'll be randoml...

By Grailed Team October 06, 2016 34 Comments
Surfaced: Needles

58-year-old Needles founder Keizo Shimizu has long been renowned within Japan for pushi...

By Nico Lazaro September 08, 2016 1 Comment
Surfaced: Flannels

There are typically two school of thought when it comes to summer dressing: 1. Wear as ...

By Grailed Team August 08, 2016