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From Virgil Hilts to Frank Bullitt: The On-Screen Style of Steve McQueen

Ask a hundred (American) men to name a style icon and chances are the plurality will me...

By Marc Richardson November 19, 2018 6 Comments
Master Class
A Guide to Arc’teryx: One Fossil, Many Forms

Few brands have as varied a fan base as Arc’teryx lays claim to. Mainstream brands like...

By Marc Richardson November 12, 2018 10 Comments
Aviator Shades: Tom Cruise, “Top Gun” and the Rise of the Military Entertainment Complex

In the early 1980s, Ray-Ban, once an incredibly popular brand of sunglasses, were selli...

By Brenden Gallagher September 11, 2018 7 Comments
A Brief History of the Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits seem to be everywhere at the moment, from recent seasons of Rick Owens, Comme...

By Daniel Penny March 21, 2018 10 Comments
For Sea and Sidewalk: A Deep Dive Into The Pea Coat

Military surplus clothing has long been a fashion statement. Combat boots, Army jackets...

By Brenden Gallagher March 20, 2018 6 Comments
Master Class
Military Redefined: The Strict Philosophy of WTAPS

A spacious studio in the Tokyo neighborhood of Shibuya serves as WTAPS HQ. Strewn acros...

By Rocky Li November 27, 2017 10 Comments
Master Class
Five Military Footwear Styles That Transformed Fashion

We may think of military footwear as a relatively modern invention, but military boots ...

By Jacob Victorine October 18, 2017 19 Comments
Master Class
Five Military Garments That Transformed Fashion

Although it may seem that military style has exploded within pop culture only over the ...

By Jacob Victorine August 28, 2017 43 Comments