If you think that the World Cup is exclusively about who ends up lifting the golden trophy after a month of compelling football (the one you play with feet) you are sorely mistaken. For many of the 32 countries that send squads to the tournament, there is little to no hope of winning. After all, in 20 tournaments, only eight countries have ever managed to lift the trophy and a trio of those—Brazil, Germany and Italy—have combined to absolutely dominate the competition, winning 13 of the 20.

For some countries, the threshold for success remains winning, but for others, it can be as simple as winning a single match, scoring a goal, or making it out of the group stage. For others, still, one of the biggest sources of pride in a World Cup year is the appeal and popularity of the national team’s kit. Some of the greatest kits of all time have come from countries that are far from footballing powers, while others among the pantheon of grail-worthy kits are helped by extenuating circumstances, like being crowned champions or making a World Cup debut in the kit.

With the 2018 World Cup kicking off in Russia, and with Nike unveiling a national kit that has captivated football and fashion fans alike, we take a look back at some of our favorite World Cup kits.

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