What exactly constitutes a brand? Is it clothing? Perhaps a following? Or, in fact, is it something more ephemeral? With Places + Faces, the answer is all of the above. What originated as a hip-hop photography blog has become a worldwide phenomenon, a collection of images, events, merchandise and social media accounts that is ingrained in the culture as a whole. From Boiler Room DJ sets to pop-ups in some of the most celebrated men’s fashion boutiques in the world, the brand is seemingly everywhere, hanging out with the most notable figures in the industry where ever it goes. No longer focused solely around London and New York, from Lagos to Tokyo Places + Faces is building a community of followers obsessed with every aspect of the brand. With only a DSLR, a few point-and-shoot cameras—and a good bit of hustle—the brand has managed to create a movement that eagerly anticipates the (pun not intended) Places and Faces that will show up next. Yet, before the massive instagram following and Guess Jeans collab, the brand began the way most viral creative endeavors do: on Tumblr.