Off-White isn’t a fashion brand; it is a catch-all—a space that Virgil Abloh can deposit all of his ideas, concepts and experiments in. These ideas come in the form of any medium that Abloh can step into and alter, whether it be DJing, designing fashion or curating art. Added together, these many creative outputs unify under the entity known as “Off-White”.

Abloh once said that Off-White is a playground where he attempts to get the world to understand his ideas.

"The term [fashion designer] doesn't sit well with me because I feel like I'm not," Abloh said during a speech at Columbia University. "I just think. The reason why the projects scale across different platforms is because the idea of putting things in a box just doesn't work for me." 

Off-White's mission automatically disqualifies it from being placed solely in the category of fashion. Its purpose isn’t to make good clothes like some of Abloh’s LVMH Prize Finalist-peers (e.g. Craig Green or Faustine Steinmetz) or to create a lifestyle label. Even though aspects of it falls into these categories, Off-White’s main purpose is to be a representative for street culture and allow it to transcend into an art movement, using any, and every, medium necessary to do so.

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