Do you ever get the feeling that Virgil Abloh has his sneakers resting up on a desk somewhere, laughing at us as he posts his latest Instagram or shares a photo that someone has taken of crosswalk stripes painted on the street in every city worldwide? An unconventional architecture lecture given by Abloh at Columbia University went on for about 2 hours last night. What started off as “Everything In Quotes” was renamed to “Young Architects Can Change The World By Not Building Buildings” by the time Michael Rock was done thoroughly introducing Abloh and his various accomplishments.

Although the entire talk seemed to be threaded with a needle strung with subliminal shots fired, upon completion, it’s unlikely that Abloh, who urges the importance of “loaded messages,” would put himself above shade. If anything, it’s somewhat ironically ingrained into what OFF-WHITE has matured into. In fact, irony itself as a concept that informs much of Abloh's design process was touched on at length last night.

In addition to announcing a new sneaker collaboration with Nike, sans signature OFF-WHITE stripes, he also shared some furniture news. Abloh is doing a collaboration with a “super awesome” furniture company that he almost shared, but ultimately withheld. Be on the lookout for that. And while in today's world it’s increasingly difficult what to imagine what next week will look like, Abloh already has an exhibit planned for 2019 at the MCA in Chicago that will showcase all of his furniture, featuring everything his collection at Design Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach 2016 to future projects that are already in the works.

Miraculously, even after countless interviews, the OG multi-hyphenate is still able to offer a fresh glimpse into his process. From unshared projects following every OFF-WHITE collection (which may never see the light of day, truthfully) to the story behind the origins of his original, now defunct, streetwear brand PYREX VISION, here’s what Abloh offered to a packed lecture hall of fans and architectural students alike.

Lead image via GQ Style.

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