If you have been paying any attention, you will have by now realized that we at Dry Clean Only take leather jackets pretty seriously. Of course, the leather jacket is a wardrobe staple, but beyond that it is a fundamental part of the “Grailed” aesthetic. For the brands our most fervent users worship –Saint Laurent Paris, Undercover, Rick Owens—the leather jacket is paramount, and likewise to their respective auidences. That said, leather does not come cheap. For many, their prized leather jacket is by far the most expensive item in their wardrobe. Add that to how often it’s worn and how difficult it is to clean and you come to crossroads: why invest a significant amount of money in a garment that you can’t easily take care of? The answer is simple. Leather looks best when worn in. There is one caveat: you must take care of it properly.

How to To Clean Your Leather Jacket

“Cleaning” a leather jacket in fact refers to two entirely distinct acts: spot removal and leather conditioning. While each serves a different purpose and one does not necessitate the other, both are critical components in properly maintaining your leather jacket to ensure longevity. That said, each is slightly convoluted and comes with its own set of challenges, so just furiously scrubbing with a damp cloth or applying lotion will not suffice.

Thankfully, if you follow a few simple steps, your new, slightly used or even vintage leather jacket truly will last a lifetime. Rather than head to the dry cleaners everytime you amass another stain, instead stick to our guide to make sure your wardrobe defining leather lasts forever.

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