"Bang For Your Buck" is a weekly franchise highlighting a single luxury item that is well worth the financial investment. Cost-per-wear is the name of the game, and each item featured in this series serves as a prime example of getting your money's worth.

Whether it’s James Dean in the ‘50s or Kanye in the ‘00s, a biker jacket is the eternal sign of cool. That said, with the sheer amount of options available—and prices often surging near five digits—buying your first leather jacket can be a gargantuan undertaking. Is it timeless? Is it worth the price of admission? Is it really you? All equally fair and tough questions. Thankfully, the original never went out of style.

Enter the Schott Perfecto.

While the classic “One Star” retails for $800 and up, thankfully there are plenty on Grailed for less than $300. The bang for your buck speaks for itself.

More About Schott and the Perfecto:
Made in the USA since the brand was founded in 1913 by brothers Jack and Irving Schott, Schott was the first company to ever produce a leather motorcycle jacket. Named the “Perfecto”—the name of Irving’s favorite cigar—the jacket was de rigueur for motorists across the country. While relegated to bikers for nearly three decades, updated designs became crossover fashion staples in large part due to Marlon Brando’s “Johnny” wearing his throughout the 1953 classic, The Wild One.

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