With one of the most eclectic fanbases in footwear, Clarks has managed to connect with various subcultures the world over since its inception, with different iterations of their signature crepe-sole synonymous with different style tribes. Founded in 1825, Clarks began when brothers Cyrus and James set out to manufacture rugs and slippers, among other things. Originally known as C. & J. Clarks, the British brand as we know it developed in the aftermath of World War II, under the stewardship of Nathan Clark, a descendant of co-founder James Clark. Nathan Clark served in the Royal Army Service Corps during the War, where he studied standard issue military gear. While stationed in Burma, Nathan Clark came across soldiers who had served in North Africa and were issued ankle-height suede boots with crepe soles—an Anglo-Egyptian hybrid boot similar to the footwear worn by Dutch voortrekkers.

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