Apart from rugged charm and undeniable good looks, the classic menswear icons—James Dean, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Serge Gainsborough, Paul Newman (to name a few)—have one thing in common: they are white. Unfortunately, due to both the Tumblr set and media’s propensity to define style through a Euro-centric lens, stylish men of color are woefully underrepresented. Whether it’s Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis or even Prince, time and time again despite constantly celebrating each man’s respective style, we never include them amongst “the greats.” While not as renowned for his sartorial inclination, another iconic individual deserves a spot on the menswear hall of fame: the inimitable Bruce Lee.

While most fans are far more interested in his martial arts prowess and film accolades than his personal wardrobe, Kung-Fu’s most noteworthy practitioner combined classic American style with a specific Hong Kong flair that nobody has matched since. More than the godfather of fighting films, Bruce Lee broke the mold and redefined what it meant to be an Asian American film star—including how to dress for the part. With the release of ESPN’s recent documentary, Be Water, and renewed interest in the late fighter, his style (both onscreen and off) is finally receiving its well-deserved recognition.

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