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Author: Alex Rakestraw

The Journey to Clout: A Style Odyssey

Obtaining respect in the fashion world is a descent into madness.

By Alex Rakestraw May 08, 2019 35 Comments
How to Buy Used Arc’teryx (According to Arc'teryx)

Canyons vs. concrete. National Parks vs. Central. New York City and Leadville, CO are w...

By Alex Rakestraw January 29, 2019 13 Comments
The Grailed Guide to Winter Coats

Expensive upfront but built to last. Like luxury cars and stain-resistant couches, wint...

By Alex Rakestraw November 13, 2018 17 Comments
The Four Fabric Pioneers Powering Techwear

Technical brands live and die by the narrative of genius. Sometimes, it is a visionary ...

By Alex Rakestraw August 20, 2018 6 Comments
On "On 'Camp'": How An Obscure Essay Predicted Balenciaga Crocs

In hindsight, the 1960’s seem burdened with purpose. For America and the West, this wa...

By Alex Rakestraw July 06, 2018 13 Comments
Behind the Design: Off-White, Margaret Calvert and the Graphics of Glasgow Airport

In today’s 'designer streetwear' world, there are few logos so gut-punch recognizable a...

By Alex Rakestraw June 14, 2018 15 Comments
Inside Today Clothing, Michigan’s Menswear Oasis

It begins like a Kid Rock song: in a college town outside Detroit, a Michigan-born engi...

By Alex Rakestraw November 01, 2017 14 Comments
On Japan’s Outerwear Obsession

In the pantheon of menswear, Japan sits on the main altar. Through a reputation for qua...

By Alex Rakestraw October 11, 2017 18 Comments
Master Class
Climbing Higher: A History of Arc'teryx Veilance

In a world full of hyped-up Demnas and Rubchinskiys, a cursory read marks Arc’teryx Vei...

By Alex Rakestraw October 02, 2017 22 Comments
Form and Function: Modern Performance Sneakers You'll Wear Outside of the Gym

In the stretchy and breathable tech knit husk of our post-athleisure world, the sneaker...

By Alex Rakestraw August 22, 2017 3 Comments