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On The Road: Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation's Style

Take someone from 70 years ago, drop them on a city street today. Would their style fit...

By Brenden Gallagher June 29, 2018 10 Comments
An Introduction to Japanese Menswear Magazines

The modern men’s magazine is a shell of its former self. While *Esquire* has beefed up ...

By Grant Tillery May 09, 2018 17 Comments
Tracing the Style Influence of "A Clockwork Orange"

Many films and filmmakers who have had an outsized influence on fashion have done so by...

By Brenden Gallagher March 14, 2018 27 Comments
Required Reading: 8 More Essential Fashion Books

Despite the vast supply of fashion content online, there’s still something special abou...

By Rocky Li September 26, 2017 27 Comments
Two Budgets, One Look: Ivy-Inspired and Collegiate Style

Ever since Teruyoshi Hayashida’s seminal book "Take Ivy" hit shelves in 1965, collegiat...

By Grailed Team September 05, 2017 15 Comments
Intellectualism and Whimsy: Literature’s Imprint on Fashion

The fashion industry has long nourished itself on the fruits of other creative pursuits...

By Leslie Zhang June 27, 2017 13 Comments
Patrick Bateman: Sartorial Killer and Runway Muse

In the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel, *American Psycho*, Patrick Bat...

By Kate Marin June 23, 2017 30 Comments
Master Class
The Ultimate Fashion Reading List

Throughout my entire life, my dad has always said you can never have too much money or ...

By Skylar Bergl January 23, 2017 13 Comments