Nick Young has a plan for when, not if, the Golden State Warriors win their 3rd NBA Championship in 4 seasons. This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the man who famously dubbed himself "Swaggy P." If Young lacks anything, it's surely not confidence. Known as much for his scene-stealing sartorial choices off court as his play on it, Young is leading the crop of professional athletes who understand the importance of personal branding. Ahead of the Warrior's first round playoff matchup with the San Antonia Spurs, we sat down with Young at his home high up in the Oakland hills to talk his ambitious summer roll out, Drake signing to Adidas and just how one of the NBA's most infamous dressers puts together his pre-game outfits. Read our conversation with Nick Young below and then shop some of his favorite pieces currently on Grailed.

Photography by Christopher Fenimore