This weekend, the NBA will host its 67th All-Star game in Los Angeles. The midseason showcase is a chance for the league to show off its biggest stars. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for players and brands to show off their latest exclusive sneakers and off-the-court apparel.

But aside from all of the off-court theatrics and courtside sneakers, one other thing that has remained consistent about the NBA All-Star game: scoping out and dissecting the uniforms players wear during the game. Ironically, consistency isn’t always on the cards for NBA All-Star uniforms. Since the very first game in 1951, the jerseys have gone through various iterations, with different design touches, details and aesthetics altering the uniforms over the course of six decades.

Below is a look at the history of NBA All-Star jerseys, telling a truncated tale on how they have evolved through the years, and how those changes reflect the changing landscape of sportswear, fashion in the NBA and the public’s own interest in basketball jerseys on and off the hardwood.

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