Minimalism: For a word that denotes simplicity, it’s ironically complicated to use as a descriptor in fashion. While different parts of the world have extrapolated on and defined their own sartorial expressions of minimalism, the wider concept is all about taking out the unnecessary within any given design. Whether that’s in furniture design, as seen throughout Scandinavia (shout out IKEA) or in German-engineered product design (looking at you Dieter Rams-era Braun), the modern idea of refining an aesthetic to its absolute core “values” is exactly what makes those works, well—timeless.

In a sartorial sense, there’s also a distinctly European edge to minimalist design. Whether in the simplicity of something like COS, the everyday use behind garments produced by Our Legacy, the Germanic precision embedded into something like Jil Sander or in the breezy sense of Parisian “chic” that seems all-too-obvious to a designer like A.P.C. (or, even better) Christophe Lemaire—these brands are unified by their “European” approach to minimalism, consciously (or unconsciously) shaped by the influence of things like the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements.

As you go through this list, do not look at it as the “end all, be all” when it comes to brands who fit this bill. Instead, see these as just the starting line—the best part about building a wardrobe is that it’s always up to discretion of who’s building it.

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