SOL Connect is an experience sharing platform that my friends are the founders of. It's basically founded in the fact that, through conversation, we can strive to solve global issues together.

Anyone can be on there as an industry ambassador in their field—cooks, philosophers, engineers and so on. SOL users then book a 15, 30 or 60-minute video chat with the guide of their choice.

I really believe in what they’re doing with SOL so I decided to be on there to speak with people interested in starting a fashion brand using upcycled, recycled or sustainable materials. The money I am paid for my time and sessions on SOL will then be donated to a cause I'm passionate about.

SOL is a way for me to have some kind of infrastructure to plug into different projects that I'm doing—like this Grailed sale—so that I can give back whenever possible. Martin, a close friend of mine, got me involved with SOL. Martin and his family have been working with an orphanage in Kenya with a group of really beautiful kids. That's where a portion of money from the Grailed sale will go—to help those kids follow their dreams and achieve their goals in life.

A portion of the proceeds from every item in the MMW x Grailed sale will be donated to the MMW x SOL initiative.

For more info on Williams' work with SOL Connect, and for a chance to book a session with Williams, head here.

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